John Parker - Dog Lover

Hi, My name is John Parker and thank you for visiting my website. I hope you get some tips and tricks on how to train your furry friend. To me, your dog is more than just a pet, its a friend. It can pick you up when you are feeling low, never judges, and is always happy to see you. A true friend... Having a dog at home has been proven to have tons of benefits. If you’re a dog owner, you probably already know how your furry buddy can act as your instant mood booster. Studies show that dogs can effectively reduce stress, depression, loneliness, and anxiety. In addition to the mental well-being they bring, dogs also encourage physical activity and increase the fun level of doing such. Your relationship with your dog can be one of the strongest bonds you’ll ever experience in your lifetime, and countless dog owners can affirm to this. Yes, owning a dog can be translated to real joy and unconditional love—that is, if done right. For the record, I am not an expert on dog training and have never claimed to be. I am a dad of 2 wonderful children and married to a beautiful Irish girl called Áine. We moved to Ireland several years ago. Growing up, we always had dogs in our family. From Labradors, to border collie’s, to an amazing German Shepherd called Max who incidentally used to be able to jump up on our garage! Over the years I have trained my own dogs and helped family and friends train their dogs. The methods, tips and tricks I have learned over the years have enabled me and countless other people who have used them to have healthy, happy well behaved dogs in their family home. They have worked pretty well for me over the years and I hope they work well for you too. Of course no one can guarantee that your dog will respond to the training, ultimately it is up to you to give your dog the necessary time and attention it needs to behave in the manner that you want it to. Owning and training a dog is more than just a process. It is a journey of knowing each other and building a lifelong relationship. Good luck on this life-changing journey!